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i refuse to talk to you w those stupid ass ski goggles on your face

My therapist doesn't think I'm special

I think we're alone now (it's time for YAMA/MAYA)

Alex Dobrenko DESTROYS everything is amazing’s Mike Sowden in EPIC debate

The time I got my head stuck in a balcony

Q: How Can I Be Funny Like You?

After 10 years of writing, here's everything I know

Doing Crimes w my dad

Wait the Piña Colada song is about what?!

the night George Saunders ruined my life

Messy ass spaces #3 - more mess, more space, and, yes, more ass

killing time at a coffee shop that may also be heaven

Another roundup?!?! No. This is a squaredown.

You ask me anything / me ask you anything (yama/maya) #2

the circle of mess

a letter to my first son on his second birthday

how to not lose your mind on Substack Notes

life? a highway? get real

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my tell-all guide of everything I've learned on the road to 3211 free subs / 111 paid subs

A list of things that are not, in fact, like life

Beautiful Disasters

just a lil guy in The Comedic Personal Essay Universe

You've heard of the AMA (ask me anything), wait till you hear THIS:

life's two greatest questions

The masks we wear: from expecting to accepting (act three, romcom)

the essay formerly known as romcom (act two)

Introducing: Messy Ass Spaces

The meet-cute (a rom com, act one)

Humor During Wartime

i am not the man i thought i was

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can everyone kindly shut the fuck up about AI

if have nothing, then how give anything?

How to be a good storyteller, great dad, and serious reporter in the porn industry

Michael Estrin: Raw, Unedited, Uncut

imagine a bookstore where everything's free

I cannot handle my son’s crying

How I grew this newsletter from 56 to 2,177 subscribers in less than a year

How to have a successful yard sale (guest post from my wife Lauren!)

why can't i be happy when things go well

my feet are much smaller than I thought they were

2018 here we come!!!

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i think my son hates me