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The "Don't Buy More Shit" Gift Guide

switching to a "dumb" phone made me feel pretty dang smart

lord bless the partners of comedians

i figured out why nothing is ever enough (science)

Wacky Guy One: prepping for the audition that coulda changed everything

AMA? what is this, 2015? at BAT, we YAMA/MAYA

i used to play poker, now i play social media

forget thanksgiving its time for fearsharing

The ONE Black Friday Deal they DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT

the 'many escape rooms' theory of why our smartphones suck the big one

i went mostly offline and then all this happened

A link to my daily log as a person who is offline

hello from the other side

What's the one thing we all hate but can't stop doing?

Like the mirror and the moon, let's reflect

'all food is unhealthy' and other dumb shit I believe about cooking

Being enough isn't the fucking point

Aren't all parents competitive???

Beautiful Disasters

The self is a gut-hole - the first podcast ever made

My son, the two year old soccer prodigy

How close we got to having an 8th day of the week (and other new truths learned during E1 and E2 of BAT's Season One)

introducing: are both true? (a podcast-ish podcast)

✨every app that adds AI looks like this✨

lil audio recorded MOMENTS after yesterday's S1 opener

I got a perfect score on my SAT and all I got was this lousy feeling of never being enough

A day in the life of a writer who is also a dad and husband etc

a heartbreaking realization that i might not be a genius

audio rant #1: they've all got my milk

6666 tips on how I reached 6666 subscribers on Substack

let's talk about schadenfreude, let's talk about competition in youth, let's talk about being an average joe and all the bad things that may be

I was born in Odessa Ukraine

A fool rushes in -- my future according to tarot

A fool rushes in -- my future according to tarot (with audio and video)

My parents, my child and me: what could go wrong?

My parents, my child and me: what could go wrong? (w/ audio)

what if we didn't need the answers???

failure to launch -- pre-season diary entry 1

Season One: I'm (Not??) The Best

help me help you (with your writing)

let's talk about parenting, baby

hello, i love you, won't you pick up your phone???

just a lil weekend 'fiction' guy

Why Alex Dobrenko can't stop telling the truth

My answers to five big questions

how our nice morning went to shit

Rec room: how do u plan on making this long weekend not suck??

imagine a bookstore where everything's free

New? Click here lol

New? Click here lol

what are you reading / watching / hearing / botching?

is it okay to hate stuff for no reason?

the itsy bitsy spider is not what it seems

a bunch of tips for using Notes + my origin story using the platform++

how are you doing, creatively speaking?!

i suck at LinkedIn networking - plz help??

a love letter to a bookstore coffee shop shelter from the swarm

i confess: i lied to my grandma

i want to be good but i am bad - help?

What does your stupid art even do for the world?

13 things I like (sex robots, bon iver, kendall roy looking sad)

Leave LA? In this economy?

Five Little Ducklings is NOT a nursery rhyme -- what REALLY lies over the hill and far away

a tea kettle for Nona (the chaynik chronicles)

I paid ALOT of money for an AI to make this pitch video and I gotta say -- it's pretty amazing

the weird superstitions of a soviet jew + what r ur superstitions?? (MAYA/YAMA)

The ONE Amazon Prime Day Deal they DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT

I posted 300+ Threads in 3 days

A 5th grade essay about how I met my wife

i swore i wouldn't write a 4th of july post but then this happened

You ask me anything / me ask you anything (YAMA/MAYA #4)

the unbearable rightness of being (a toddler)

A drama unfolds at the UPS store (with audio)

Live, laugh, AND love?

hi diary its me #1

First to die

Just when i thought everyone liked me…

i refuse to talk to you w those stupid ass ski goggles on your face

My therapist doesn't think I'm special

I think we're alone now (it's time for YAMA/MAYA)

Alex Dobrenko DESTROYS everything is amazing’s Mike Sowden in EPIC debate

The time I got my head stuck in a balcony

Q: How Can I Be Funny Like You?

After 10 years of writing, here's everything I know

Doing Crimes w my dad

Wait the Piña Colada song is about what?!

the night George Saunders ruined my life

Messy ass spaces #3 - more mess, more space, and, yes, more ass

killing time at a coffee shop that may also be heaven

Another roundup?!?! No. This is a squaredown.

You ask me anything / me ask you anything (yama/maya) #2

the circle of mess

a letter to my first son on his second birthday

how to not lose your mind on Substack Notes

life? a highway? get real

We have reached 3211 free / 111 paid subs which means...

my tell-all guide of everything I've learned on the road to 3211 free subs / 111 paid subs

A list of things that are not, in fact, like life

Beautiful Disasters

just a lil guy in The Comedic Personal Essay Universe

You've heard of the AMA (ask me anything), wait till you hear THIS:

life's two greatest questions

The masks we wear: from expecting to accepting (act three, romcom)

the essay formerly known as romcom (act two)

Introducing: Messy Ass Spaces

The meet-cute (a rom com, act one)

Humor During Wartime

i am not the man i thought i was

Meet Our Paid Subscribers

can everyone kindly shut the fuck up about AI

if have nothing, then how give anything?

How to be a good storyteller, great dad, and serious reporter in the porn industry

Michael Estrin: Raw, Unedited, Uncut

imagine a bookstore where everything's free

I cannot handle my son’s crying

How I grew this newsletter from 56 to 2,177 subscribers in less than a year

How to have a successful yard sale (guest post from my wife Lauren!)

why can't i be happy when things go well

my feet are much smaller than I thought they were

2018 here we come!!!


i think my son hates me