What is Both Are True?

Absurd, honest comedy delivered twice a weekish through the vulnerable personal essays of Alex Dobrenko: friend to all, father to one, and tv actor+writer to anyone hiring.

Who is Alex Dobrenko?

A comedian, writer and actor living in Los Angeles, CA.

I was told the last image here was too serious so here’s this instead. you can still see the other image below.

You can catch Alex in the upcoming films KIMI from Steven Soderbergh and BABYLON from Damien Chazelle.

Alex created, wrote and produced an 11 episode digital series called Distance that was nominated for a Gotham Independent Film Breakthrough Series award and received praise from the New York Times, Paste Magazine, and Vulture who called it “Digital’s Next Step”.

Alex was born in Ukraine and moved to America when he was 7 years old. He studied screenwriting at Brown University and began making comedy videos on Twitter during the pandemic. Some have gone low key viral, which is cool.

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