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ok but can this ChatGPT robot write better than *me*??

where do i go after twitter?

this dude creates interactive 'choose your own adventure' games (interview!)

💁‍♂️ Help wanted? Advice given.

Love myself? Knowing what I know?

Happy Early National Sardines Day!!!

Highlights from your comments on the "parents too far" essays

Being far from family sucks

So you wanna quit Twitter (and start using Substack) - a tell all guide.

My dad refuses to drink water

Hi NAME, it's Joe Biden and I'm Counting on YOU to read this newsletter

Working w Lil Dicky on DAVE, Dropping Outta College, and How To Not Doubt Yourself Like Even A Little

Texting While Married, Dog Poop Destroys (Our) Family, and a lot more in this week's Hodgepodge #2

The Existential Horrors of Middle Age: A Haunted House Experience!

How my uncertainty made dating very hard and also....Backyard Kickback #1!!

A drama unfolds at the UPS store

A drama unfolds at the UPS store (with audio)

It's time for me to apologize and also ask for your help

The things I (probably) believe about this newsletter


Hello from Brad C. Onversion

Hello from Alex’s twin brother - Brad C. Onversion

my grandpa, my car, and also me

What superstitions do u believe?

My parents, my child and me: what could go wrong?

if i am being honest, i am being sad

Messy Ass Spaces #2: Rusty Foster

The Three Arguments

recomMETAtion riday!!

I wrote 3 blog entries in Dec 2019 and never published them....UNTIL NOW

Comedy through cartoons: an interview with New Yorker cartoonist Liza Donnelly

Let's all say hi! or is that weird idk nvm

A day in the life of a writer who is also a dad and husband etc

This one tip will save your relationship

Let's talk about podcasts, baby

The life changing magic of living the question

Who is Alex Dobrenko really?

If you had to listen to one band / artist's music by hitting "shuffle all songs", who would it be?

Parenting while selfish (with audio!)

Recommendation Riday!!

The time I got my head stuck in a balcony

What is your favorite word? (reply in comments)

Introducing: Messy Ass Spaces

A chicken walks into a bar

Actor prepares for audition: Wacky Guy 1

i am very scared to do this but i'm even more scared not to do it so here we go

What's the best job you ever had? Let's discuss.

parenting: an escape room you can never escape

A 5th grade essay about how I met my wife

How I found freedom from hellsite addiction

will I be lying on my deathbed wondering how well my 'about to die lol' tweet is doing?

R.L. Stine wrecked me on Twitter

I will write a 5th grade essay on any topic you'd like (top voted topic wins duh)

Doing Crimes with My Dad

Wrote this at 4am, might delete later

How to donate $ to support abortion access

After 10 years of writing, here's everything I know

how you answer this question will change everything [plz reply in comments]

Wait the Piña Colada song is about what?!

My therapist doesn't think I'm special

I hate when artists say "if you can do anything else as a job, you should"

What if it was your kid?

The Night George Saunders Ruined My Life

The Case Of The Energy B̶a̶l̶l̶s̶ Blobs

Wanna write consistently? Donate to Trump if you don't.

I was SO close to getting a sugar mama

One Year Ago, I Hit 5k Followers. It Was The Best Day Of My Life

The ONLY Tip You Need To Become A Great Writer

New parents try to go on vacation - what could go wrong? Pt. 2

New parents try to go on vacation - what could go wrong? Pt. 1

Mark As Spam

Humor during wartime (2022 version)

I was born in Odessa Ukraine

My new system for keeping track of ideas

How It Feels To Be a Dad

ATT #1: Parenting w Succession, Radiohead as history, and how I Think You Should Leave is a love language