i guess i wrote a song???

a guest post from Alex Gobrenko

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What’s up everyone, Alex Gobrenko here for a guest post!!!

Now you all probably know me as the #1 source on all things Authenticity and Actualization. BIG NEWS today on my “Authentic Action” cohort-based playshop that is so close to selling out it’s making me stressed 🤣 but first I wanted to share something near and dear to my heart and my soul and I’m not talking about my dog Arnold though I love that guy more than life itself (he just looked over at me when I wrote that SMART ARNOLD), no today I want to talk about music.

Music has been a lifeline for me ever since I was old enough to listen to it. The first memory I have is a musical memory. I’d go deeper but I’m just not ready to share - thank you for privacy on this one matter.

This weekend I was just jamming after a cryotherapy workout (big ups to David Goggins for the A+ mentorship on that) and this song just…came out. I’d be lying if I said I wrote it because it feels more like it wrote me? Does that make sense?

I don’t really get it either but that’s sort of the point, no? Sometimes you just don’t have to understand. Let us live in the unknown a little longer or as I like to say: ne day more.

Anyway sound off in the comments if you’re feeling my new song; give me a check on those vibes. Like I said, I’m still new to this singing thing so be nice and lmk if any of you want to collab, maybe get in the studio - no expectations, just a creative cuddle puddle honestly. 

UPDATE: I shared this with a couple close personal friends (the rat pack as I call us) and… well, sometimes when you create something new the world does not meet it with open arms. Jealousy is like a venomous snake and I fear that it has bit some people (I thought were) close to me. Apparently the original song that I wrote sounds similar to a pop song that came out a few years ago called “Happy” by an artist named Farrell? I don’t hear it, and to  others who might:to that I guess I would just say - ouch. 

But also, I understand. Peace is the journey. Any similarities between my new song which, yes, I am also titling “Happy” and the song by Farrell are purely happynstance. Sorry, couldn’t help myself! 

These things happen and lord knows crazier things happen every day god bless. Just yesterday I ran into my wife at the grocery store - we were both buying salmon to cook for one another as a surprise that night. What are the odds? I don’t know and frankly, I don’t care. Love was in the air at Von’s and let’s just say that night we had a whole lotta salmon on the dinner table (love you honey - calling you as soon as I finish this post). 

No but seriously for a sec - I want to honor and hold what everyone is feeling. I’ve extended an olive branch to Farrell and offered him a chance to collab with me on a new version of the song as well as a 50% discount to my upcoming Authentic Action playshop. More on this soon, but for now thank you to everyone who has stuck with me through this. As I said at the beginning of the song, “it might seem crazy what I’m about to say.” Perhaps it was. Perhaps you need a  bit of insanity to do great things. Maybe I’m - oh man I’m feeling another song coming on - maybe I’m crazy. (gonna riff on that here in a sec stay tuned folks)

PLAYSHOP UPDATE: Sorry to everyone who got their hopes up (hope, I have always found, is that thing with feathers? silly thought but it just came to me in a dream last night, figured I’d share xoxo) but yeah, we’re sold out on this one. I do have a waitlist going, which you can find on my website. Stay tuned folks, more of these are coming + a masterclass 3 day ‘up close and in personal’ UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN should be launching next week. I’d do it sooner but, as I’ve said since I was a wee tot wearing short pants running down Main street with zero cares, the devil is in the details 😈

Much love - we are one. Livestrong.

— Alex Gobrenko