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Okay this is a side note bc I am feeling salty about work overall BUT have you read Simu Liu’s memoir? It’s a great read about immigrating, family, and breaking into acting and filmmaking.

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fun jobs for me have included (BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO):

1) dining services at my college (cashiering, making sandwiches, AND MORE)

2) summer camp counselor (teaching music and also standup workshops for teenagers)

3) princeton review promotions (flyering illegally, then stopping, then being let go)

4) barnes and noble (working in the cafe!)

5) linguistic annotation at a technology company (training robots to process language)

6) hosting a web series called "jargon" (training humans to process language)

7) voice-acting on an adventure audio series (training myself to process language)

8) podcasting in general (casting pods)

9) standup comedy (doing standup comedy/training audiences to process language)

10) making lists of fun jobs i've had (this one i do for free)

i still make lists, do standup, podcast, and SOMETIMES do some of the others. but i'm done with princeton review forever i bet. (i'm a kaplan man.)

thanks as always for sharing, my friend!

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Maternal Child Health social worker in a downtown Brooklyn Hospital. Think AIDS, Crack, teen moms, NICU babies, DV. Get the picture? I loved this job so much I was there for 33 years!

And now I love making commercials. 💙

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My favorite job was working at my college's international student center. As a broke college student, I couldn't afford to even go out of state, but my work brought the world to me. I met so many people from around the world, and there was always multiple languages being spoken at any given time. My boss was also very chill and super flexible with our schedule. Best part was no work during the weekend! I also got to do cool events. One time I went to a basketball game with a Japanese cohort and got to teach them about the sport. Super fun.

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