Ok so most of mine are Russian. The big one I believe and LOVE is that before any journey, everyone has to sit down and be quiet for a moment. Growing up we'd always do this. Whenever we'd go anywhere on a trip or like one of us would go fly somewhere, we would all sit on the stairs, quiet for a few seconds, and then we'd go. Lauren and I do this now, and it's definitely something I want to keep doing with my family.

I also still believe INTENSELY is that you can't step over someone. Like if I'm lying down and Lauren steps over me, that means I will stop growing. Luckily you can reverse it by stepping back over the person.

Another big one is that you can't hand anyone a knife or anything sharp directly. You have to put it down on the counter and then they can pick it up.

Also don't leave money on any counter - that's bad luck for some reason. Or like bragging?

Oh and my parents told me about this one: you don't buy any gifts for a baby until after they're born. Otherwise it might curse them.

To keep the devil away you spit three times over your left shoulder, cuz that's where the devil hangs out and he's a big germaphobe.

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okay not to shamelessly self promote but I actually wrote about some of my superstitions on river trips before if u want to read!!! https://www.oars.com/blog/overcoming-fears-about-whitewater/

"I thought I wasn’t much for gut feelings, preferring logic and pragmatism. I brush off superstition, but I never taunt Mr. W(ind) – I make sure to acknowledge and appreciate the breeze. I say I don’t have any big rapid rituals, but I never turn down glitter or lipstick at the scout."

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Slavic superstitions are truly contagious, because after spending time in Russia & Ukraine I cannot shake hands or hug someone in a doorway, lest our relationship be forever cursed. Also cannot go back to get something I forgot in the house without spinning counterclockwise three times before going back out again. Even though in my previous life I took none of these precautions, now I'm stuck with these beliefs. Also I have to wear slippers now but that's surely for the best, right? I do go outside sometimes with wet hair but will probably keel over from that one of these days.

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a woman i dated didn't like to celebrate birthdays before the actual day of the birthday, because of the idea that it was maybe tempting fate or death who would be like "oh you think you're going to be that age? we'll see about that!" and i like it. i like the idea of celebrating on the day or after, in part because of that!

PS bonus: that was my UKRAINIAN ex-girlfriend!

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My longest running superstition came from a Turkish friend of mine who I knew when I was 13. Instead of "knocking on wood," her family would say (forgive the phonetic spelling) "shay-tan kulana kurshin" which translated to "bullet through devil's head," and then you'd pull on your ear. It was basically making sure the devil didn't hear whatever you had just said thus ensuring it would not come true. Visceral af and i still use it to this day. And the raw egg and evil eye was something my best friend's mother taught him - they were from Mexico. If you ever notice the baby Jesus in old painting sporting a piece of coral around his neck, it is debated whether or not that was to keep away the evil eye or to soothe his teething gums. And lastly, my partner - who used to race mountain bikes downhill - swears you should never say "this is my last run," because you will surely be injured. Thank gosh I could finally comment hahahah !

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