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Omg I loved the CUOA books as a kid. I’d spend hours sitting in the library aisles following all the paths.

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I am not a gamer now but in the 90s I got obsessed with Sim City and then the Sims. I spent entire days, lighting cities on fire, etc. It got to the point that when I was just walking around the house I hallucinated that I was a Sim. I miss those days.

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I was a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure maniac. First ones I did were the Deadwood City series, which may date me a little bit. This fed into my computer game obsession with Oregon Trail. And then I even began trying to make my own with my basic knowledge of BASIC. Oh, the glory days. Well done on the interview!

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dear alex,

love as always!

specific loves include:

-- little twerp ME

-- Exactly like how the real world is!

-- his vibe is very POSITIVE and CONFIDENT which scared me at first, but that’s because I am neither of those things and thus need someone like him to help me figure out how to get sponsors so yea.

-- Let Alex be CEO for a Month And He Will Write About it

-- the rest of it

and now, for my answers to your questions:

1) YES! i have a very specific memory of one book about being at the circus. WILL TELL YOU SOMETIME!

2) i wouldn't call myself a gamer but i like some games. CODENAMES is one of my faves. also i just got one called "fruits" made by jo firestone and others. do you know jo? SHE IS FANTASTIC.

3) i do like board games. haven't played many in a while. used to love "life." it's just like life!

4) Snackventure



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1. No. 2. No. 3. Sorry-no, Clue. 4. No! No? Sorry no clue🤷‍♀️.

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1. Yes I remember reading them in the 90s and early 00s but they were not as popular at that point and fantasy wasn't really my genre at that time.

2. Currently playing Per Aspera, a Mars Colonization sim/narrative fiction game. If Steam was asked about my 4 favorite games it'd be Civ VI (3218.4 hrs), Stardew Valley (1040.8 hrs), Railway Empire (830.2 hrs), and Skyrim (821.5 hrs)

3. My husband and I put board games on our wedding registry and now have so many board games!! Ticket to Ride, Dominion, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Muffin Time and Cards Against Humanity are some of our faves.

4. , , , Come on Karma Chameleon (the commas are intentional)

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This was great! I’m a big Adventure Snack fan and I’m a big fan of Both Are True, so this conversation was like winning the content lottery twice!

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