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im an og i remember

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"(comedic)" lolololololol

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Reading this while waiting on a plane for a mechanic to come and drain the water from the backed up sinks in the planes heads. Its so funny I don’t even care if I miss my connection.

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I love the one take voice over. FAB.

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Read this on the way home from the beach, cackling on the metro.

Man you really nail that weird drive to be stubborn that happens during tiff's like this. Like watching yourself mishandle the situation and still saying, "Good! Mishandle it! You're supposed to be wrong!"

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I will think of this the next time my husband rearranges the entire dishwasher after I have loaded it. I may just ask him, "Are we doomed?"

This was wonderful and funny and insightful. I'm glad you did all the hard stuff so we could read about it.

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This was wonderfully twisty - I felt both entertained and wrung-out afterwards, which is pretty much "love" so you and Lauren/Helen/Angela etc seem to be in the right sea

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hi alex!


things i love about this include:

"I want to burn. I want to atone."

"Atone and Atan."

(the first for the function, the second for the form)

"Daoism, which is pronounced with a T or a D depending on how cool you are"

(i never knew that was the distinction. or the TisDincDion!)

"Much like Passover has Four Questions, every fight between a married couple can be understood as consisting of Three Arguments."

iconic and biblical!

"change this back to whatever the name of the woman is in the story"

(i like the live-editing process)

"the Tow Boys"

(great name!)

"As I walk up the unending stairs, my mind spirals. I wish the stairs were spiral stairs — that would make for a good image, but they are normal, boring stairs just like my normal, boring marriage."

(this is a beautiful paragraph. it spirals like a beautiful staircase!)

"we bask in the second hand high"


"If my immigrant family could see me now.

They will actually see me now, because I send them photos of the baby and his comings and goings every single day."

(a fun joke! and the fun truth!)

"The U word is what my dad calls “unacceptable”"

(this is, to me, much more than Acceptable! it gets the A-word Award!)

"It was the size of a newborn baby, wrapped tight in its tinfoil swaddle."

(baby burrito! love it! small for a baby, big for a burrito! what a world!)

"The man you vowed to have AND to hold."

i love a good capitalization!

"I bake in the sun like a Baked Lays chip"

(a more-than-half-baked analogy!)

"I have followed the rules for far too long"


"The coast is, and I cannot stress this enough, literally clear"

(the coast! the beach! you're great!)

"My family came to this country to pee where we wanted."

(i always like learning about different cultures!)

"morphing back from two teams of one into one team of two"


"she knew that it would piss me off"

(fun to use the word "piss" here, and that "peeing someone off" isn't a thing, but being P.O.'d is! also a poem about piss is a pee ode)

"In both the comedic and marital spheres, this is a stroke of genius"


love love love!

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There is some of me in every character I write and some of my husband too. We've been fighting and making up for forty-three years and we still love each other. Daily life is a grind. I've peed behind bushes myself. When you have to go, you have to go. Going in broad daylight is dicey.

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