Here to say I believe in you, Alex! And also, life is absurd.

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Just here to say I love you.

And I hate Brad (Bread)

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I wish I had a twin sister like you have Brad. Any suggestions? And I’m asking you, not Brad!

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congrats on being featured in SUBSTACK READS! much deserved! i loved that piece.

and now, for things i love about THIS piece:

-- "The Values Or Whatever"

-- "we can create meaning however we choose"

-- "He looks exactly like me - how could I possibly fake that?"

-- "Numbers aren’t real"

-- "as my doctor recently told me, I am human." (have you sought a second opinion? i'll give one)

-- "Substack is different"

-- "I will dance if I want to, I will NOT leave my friends behind. This is a false binary. You can dance AND have friends who do not dance: BOTH ARE TRUE." (i read this one out loud to rini my girlfriend and she said "hahaha that's so fun" where the "hahaha" was a genuine laugh)

-- "HI everyone I’m sad and emotional and my feelings are too big for my tummy" (WELL THEN DON'T EAT ALL THOSE FEELINGS)

love! thanks for sharing as always friend!

(love and thanks: both are true)

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It is p embarrassing baby W doesn’t have an agent yet, I’ve been meaning to say. Not very succession la!!!

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This was lovely and wonderful! I enjoyed reading the values.

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Dude you gotta meet my financial advisor some day (yes you Alex, not Brad — say whaaaat???) because he’s an absurdist! He made up his own society and everything. It’s a fascinating combo.

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