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the distance poster is amazing. MAKE IT A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE MR HOLLYWOOD

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Movie that presents love better than other movies: It's not romance love, but more like family/friend love, kind of. The Fall (2006) hits me in my heart. It features Lee Pace before he was in everything and then in nothing, and a little girl who they deliberately filmed interacting with Lee Pace because they wanted her genuine reactions to things. She befriends him and he tells her stories but she kind of drives the stories--you know how you tell kids stories and they help you make it up as they go? The movie takes place mostly in her imagination but in a cool way and not at all a childish way and it hurts my heart. It's a must see.

My wife and I have a good origin story. I took her on a date, and she is from a different country so did not understand the clear signals of interest I was sending, and thought she was just hangin' out with her good friend Scoot and it was super awkward. I texted her overzealously after the date because in my head I'm thinking "crushed it!"-- I did not crush it. She politely declined future dates and then a few months later she moved to a new state.

Three years later she texted me out of the blue and she was coming to town to visit and we met up and had a magical time and she's been stuck with me ever since. We lived in different states until we got married and once we got married her entire family came to visit from her home country and we drove up and down the east coast of the united states like three times, sometimes with a car filled with stuff because my wife and I moved to a new, third state immediately upon getting married. It's been a wild ride.

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Okay I followed you on IG so I expect to be entertained LOL.

Also. I was dating a real dbag in college who everyone hated. When I broke up with him, my high school ex-boyfriend who I remained friends with, became very insistent that I come and visit him and his then-girlfriend. So I go visit and start drinking because I was 22 and of course, and later on in the evening this guy walks in and I was like HEY YOU ARE CUTE COME DO SHOTS WITH ME and dragged him to my favorite local bar (this was in the town I went to college in; I had moved back home after college). TLDR, I ended up vomiting on the cute guy's frat brother's front porch while Cute Guy held my hair back. The next morning he came back over to bring me a ginger ale. Reader, I married him. He proposed one week after High School Boyfriend and his Girlfriend got married. TWENTY YEARS LATER THIS MAY here we are with 2 kids, 3 cats, 2 cars and a house. (Also we were long distance for a year after we met... although only about 230 miles so no worries)

Did you follow any of that? LOL

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My (future) husband and I lived in Montréal in the late 80's. He went out with my close friend for a few months and when they broke up, she wasn't too happy about it. He and I would hang out, as friends. One day, I had a thought that hit me like a like a thunderbolt: oh no! I'm attracted to him! This isn't going to go over well. And it didn't. But to back-track a bit... for my 30th birthday a group of friends gathered at a restaurant/bar. He was there, she was there. It was uncomfortable due to their break-up, but not so much that they both couldn't be there. David (future hubby) and I talked and talked and talked and talked and talked (and laughed) and I learned later that my friend was none too pleased. Eventually everyone had left except he and I, still talking—basically the restaurant had to kick us out because they were trying to close. We stood on the corner talking some more, until I awkwardly offered "uh, well since we're so close to my place, we could, uh, you could crash at my place if you want..." To which he replied—and you'd have to know him to be able to imagine his total prairie-boy deadpan manner of speaking that friends love to tease him about—"Well what does that mean... because it is springtime, and I do have a crush on you." SPROING!!! We've been together ever since. There's more to the story, for example how my friend found out we were together by dropping by his place two days later and seeing me through the window doing his dishes, which two days previous would not be a thing. It wasn't pretty. But that was 32 years ago and we all got over it and we're still good friends! THE END.

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I met my wife on Halloween, in line for the bathroom at a Ghostbusters themed party thrown by a few LA comedians. I was dressed as the Swedish Chef. She was dressed as a beautiful woman. I assumed she was out of my league and asked if she wanted to connect on Facebook. She gave me her phone number instead. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. ❤️

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SUCH a great love story, Alex!

2. I have to say 'Dirty Dancing', and specifically for one line. No, not 'Nobody puts Baby in the corner', but this one (spoken by a very cross Baby Houseman):

'Me? I'm afraid of EVERYTHING. I'm afraid of who I am, of what I saw. And most of all, I'm afraid of walking out of this room RIGHT NOW and never feeling IN MY WHOLE LIFE AGAIN the way I feel when I'm with YOU.'

Excuse me while I just go and wipe my soggy face...

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This was fun. One of the marks of great writing is range. This had a lot of it.

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Bahaha, my husband also sleeptalks and sleepdoes. It's always hilarious and random. I'm so excited to watch Distance. The trailer is awesome!

1. When Harry Met Sally.

2. Resident Evil.

3. Husband saw my legs in a friend's album and wanted to order me, and so he did!

4. Well, now I must!

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One of my new favorites. 💖

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Favorite rom-coms: The Pride and Prejudice mini-series and When Harry Met Sally. I've got a good origin story for my husband of over 50 years, cute meets, that includes the running and breaking up with the boyfriend, who I had never been that into. But I prefer my Dad's romance.

My parents had a good strong marriage, but my mother was often ill, and probably for the last 5 years of her life was an invalid. When she died, it was a blessing, and my father, only in his late 60s spent the next year dealing with her death by traveling to see people (since he hadn't been able to travel for years because of my mother's health.) The plan at the end of that year was for him to visit us in California, to see if he wanted to move permanently. But, he told us that he was going to go spend a week with a woman he had met on his travels in Michigan 6 months earlier. A double date with his brother, that ended with them discovering they were both poets, and promising to write after they had only spent one evening together.

What followed was 6 months of writing and sharing poetry (all of this unbeknownst to me or her 4 children.) At the end of the week, he called us to say he was cancelling his flight because he wanted to stay a little longer. We got 3 more of those calls, and the last one he announced that they were getting married the next weekend. I had just started a new job and said I was afraid I couldn't make it, and he just laughed and said I wasn't invited. He never did make that move to California, and they ended up having a wonderful, nearly 20 year marriage. That is the romance part.

I guess the comedy is how appalled everyone was when they heard of the marriage-that came "so soon," after my mother's death and after such a short acquaintance.

I wasn't the least bit upset, because I trusted my father's judgement, he certainly deserved a happy rest of his life, and my step mother is a lovely woman. But what I said, each time someone asked in hushed tones, "aren't you upset!" and this did generally get a laugh, was since I was an only child, with a father heading into his 70s, I was delighted that he was remarrying...a woman 12 years younger and a nurse!

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Thanks for sharing this! Your continued honesty and vulnerability inspires me to be more open and honest in my own posts, so thanks for being a real one✌️ lol.

I have so many fav rom coms though. It’s so hard to pick, but I guess I’d have to say

1. The Half of It

2. When Harry Met Sally

3. You’ve Got Mail

4. 13 Going on 30

5. Notting Hill

But one of my favorite rom coms that isn’t actually a rom com is Little Miss Sunshine. It’s such a sweet, funny, and messy movie about familial love and real life struggles. I also really love La La Land. I don’t know if that’s considered a rom com. I feel like it kinda is? But maybe isn’t because of the ending? I dunno but it definitely has a lot of truth about love in there.

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I met my husband on a blind date. It was in a group setting so either of us could bail if we wished. Neither of us wished to and talked and drank all evening. He walked me to my car and I said, “Wow! its been great talking to you Steve. I hope you’ll call me. “ Only problem was his name is Dan. He didn’t call. A couple of weeks later I was looking for a card for my friend’s birthday. I saw a card that on the outside said “ Let me call you sweetheart… “ on the inside it said “…because I can’t remember your name. “. I sent it to him and he called. Married to him for 15 of the best years of my life! Our 43rd anniversary is next fall.

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This was beautiful, Alex! Thanks for sharing.

1. 50 First Dates. Makes me cry everytime!!! I also really love Submarine, which captured my attention by its soundtrack but now (after watching it 100 times) I love everything about it.

3. She walked in a bar when I was singing - screaming, top of my lungs, in the most shitty voice a human being can sing, sweating like a pig - Bad Romance on karaoke. She was with a common friend and I was so ashamed that I didn't even said hello, just started talking about random stuff!

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can't wait for part 2! also where did lauren go to grad school??

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Hubby and I are the empty nester version. I'm a sleep talker-- still-- after 31 years. I know you didn't ask for a sleep talking story but I'll share our favorite. Three dogs ago (25 years ago?) the night before our puppy was to be neutered I woke up and said to hubby, "Here, take them." He said, "Take what?" "Take them," I repeated. "What?" The big reveal-- "His balls."

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You are going to think I am making this up. When I was 19 I asked God for a husband. I gave Him a list of what I wanted too. Time passed and passed. One night I got depressed and remembered the prayer. I was now 26. I said, What gives, God? It has been 7 years. And I heard, It will be another 7. I was not happy! But I went on with my life. Some years later I was feeling said and lonely and I suddenly remembered the prayerI was 33. It had been 7 more years. I said, Time's up God. If you don't do something right now I will become a nun.

The phone rang and on the other end was my future husband. I didn't tell him what had happened, and I didn't jump to conclusions, but we ended up talking for several hours, and we had our first date the next weekend. We dated 2 1/2 yrs. And have been married for 33 years.

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