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terry gross looks like tigger

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Here’s something I need Recs on: who are some indie creators you really love that are doing sweet innovative stuff in terms of how they connect to their audience and/or have figured out how to make their work financially sustainable? I need me some models / mentors

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And great read Alex! I wonder how many folks will recommend your writing as lightning bolt? I recall finding out what Terry looked like years ago and I was Shocked as it didn't fit the image in my head.

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thank you as always for these posts, my friend.

as for recommendations that i am seeking, a good friend of mine shared with me that gretchen rubin (author of "the four tendencies" which i like a lot!) refers to certain books as (i believe) "lightning bolt books," books which entirely change one's paradigm in such a way that we live differently after reading it (in a way that is meaningful and chosen), because we now see the world in a completely different way.

for example, my girlfriend just read a book called "why we sleep" and since reading it, she goes to bed hours earlier than she used to, regularly, because the information in the book about sleep health was so compelling.

so my question to anyone reading this is: do YOU have any lightning bolt books? any paradigm-shifters? any mind-altering life-changers? asking for a friend and the friend is me and everyone.

also, doesn't have to be a book if you don't want! could be a movie or music or magazine article or other art/science/life/world engagement. also, doesn't have to be anything. you're doing great as you are.

love and thanks, all!

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Lightning bolt book recently was Quiet by Susan Cain, specifically the idea of ‘restorative niches’. Now i understand the point of having the BBQ away from the main gathering spot.

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I thought Terry Gross was a man because I am Canadian and we are not all up on NPR shows. So I pictured Terry Pratchett.

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