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I recommend my new fave newsletter! https://botharetrue.substack.com/

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i picked "tomfoolery" but i also really do like "pandiculation."

i learned about that one in a song i love, by one of my favorite people WHO I RECOMMEND PEOPLE LISTEN TO MUSIC BY (look, it's a recommendation! i was on topic the whole time):

Zach Sherwin!

here's his Youtube where you can watch tons of incredible music videos: https://www.youtube.com/zachsherwin

and here's his magnum opus: https://www.crosswordshow.com/

see the Crossword Show any time you can!

maybe more recommendations later. For now, my #1 rec: Zach!

oh okay fine you got me a couple more now:

i recommend the art of ramin nazer (https://raminnazer.com/)! follow him on IG, buy his books, get his new oracle deck app! he is wonderful!

and check out the standup comedy of (AN INCOMPLETE LIST):

maria bamford

baron vaughn

aparna nancherla

nick vatterott

jo firestone

rory scovel

sarah silverman

paul f tompkins


doug stanhope

and much much more!

thanks for sharing, alex! and thanks for reading, everyone! love to you and yours and all!

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Finding myself talking about the books “How to Do Nothing” by Jenny Odell and “The Dawn of Everything” by David Graeber & David Wengrow all the time these days. Also the essays “The Anxiety of Influencers” by Barrett Swanson and more recently “What does it mean to get woman’d?” by Rayne Fisher-Quann.

Favorite Coen bros movie is No Country. I just really like coin tosses

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Favorite Book: Heavy by Kiese Laymon. Changed me to my every cell. Also, Thrust by Lidia Yuknavitch. Dang, what a weird and wild and gorgeous novel. And Negative Space by Lilly Dancyger--such a tender, thoughtful, wise exploration of her relationship with her father who died far too young.

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The band Barenaked Ladies.

The movie Stardust.

The Outlander series - books and tv show.

And once again Barenaked Ladies. Barenaked Ladies forever.

Also Flogging Molly. True delight is Irish punk.

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Outline by Rachel Cusk

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call me 857-5309

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