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I was like WAIT I know this one!

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Even now, with children in their 20s, these feeling still combat crawl along, and up and out they come... that second arrow gahhhhhhhh!

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Lol not the dog too😂( yes after reading this in its entirety that’s my take away)😆

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specific things i love:

"obligatory subscribe button" (i didn't know you could customize those!)

george saunders (love that guy and his books and stories and kindness and substacks!)

"And now, one of the best authors of our present day was collaborating with the person I love the most in the world to put into words a fear so spooky that I truly would have rather never let it see the light of day. Cool cool cool.

Congratulations, George, you fucked me." (you are an artist!)

your honesty

brene brown

"a big ol glass of second arrows aka The Shame Slurpie (™)" (you are a poet!)

"Lauren agrees, maybe because she actually agrees or, more likely, she — being the far wiser one of the two of us — knows that part of love is accepting each other even and especially the bad parts." (lauren is an angel! you are also!)

"Err in the direction of kindness!"

"You are not a failure, but what you’re failing to see (nice)" (you ARE nice! and right! that IS nice!)

"The truth is that I probably won’t change" (<-- please let me know how you feel about that in 10 years, or 20, or 50, or infinite)

"Inviting it for tea as my Buddhist bros would say." (the buddhist bro in me bows to the buddhist bro in you)

"Alex’s beautifully vulnerable piece" (lauren is a double angel!)

"Wilder thinks you are the best dada, and you are uniquely his dada which makes it even better."

also, Wilder has about 19 fingers and toes that you HAVEN'T caused massive bleeding from, yes?

love you!

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We only met through your writing but I agree with Lauren, I am certain she is right(again) and I see in your writing you are a Dad that gives a shit(bc you do). Small but sad truth, children don't remember their childhood (mostly) unless it is traumatic. So just don't fuck it up (that bad) and you will be ok!! Thank you for the Polo & Pan intro.

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Ok. I loved reading this so much. I printed that speech for friends for Christmas though and now I feel worried I may have fucked up their Christmas. Hope Wilder is sleeping!!!

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