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1) WHY WON'T YOU DATE ME by Nicole Byer, the comedy queen of all podcasts. It is raunchy, fabulous, and also covers lots of interesting topics other than relationships.


2) HAMMER FACTOR – this is a real inside-baseball kinda one for whitewater kayaking. The sound engineering is terrible, it's completely disorganized, but they have all the scoops and know all the drama.


3-4) HEAR TO SLAY, season 2 episode 29. Tressie McMillan Cottom and Roxane Gay interview Elizabeth Warren about debt. The whole show is fab ("The Black feminist podcast of your dreams"!) but this is a great episode.


5) Apple Podcasts bc I refuse to let Spotify mess up my year in review ONE MORE TIME with stupid podcasts, no, give me BOPS

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I’ve just turned up to your Substack and realised 1) I love it and 2) it’s like the written version of my podcast, which is bizarre, funny, and got me questioning the cosmic order of the universe all at once

Are we the same person?

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Since you listen to The One You Feed, I'll appeal to the woo-woo in you and recommend Michael Neill's Caffeine for the Soul. Ten minutes long, posted on Mondays. I don't start my week without it. ☕️ (there's no emoji for soul, apparently) :)

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I love Philosophize This! too. Looking forward to checking out your other reccos.

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I mean... Syllojism is the best. ;)

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Ok, this is tough cause my pod habits have shifted over the years/pandemic so I guess I'll give a two part answer

The PodReq Before Time(s)

1. Welcome to Nightvale by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor (I think I've used this before but it still stands

2. *remember the context of before time(s)* Wolf 359 (wolf359.fm) is a radio drama in the tradition of Golden Age of Radio shows. Set on board the USS Hephaestus space station, the dysfunctional crew deals with daily life-or-death emergencies, while searching for signs of alien life and discovering there might be more to their mission than they thought. It's completed and was super satisfying to listen to! The ending was almost cinematic and like 2 hours long but totally worth it!

3. Ep 69 (lol nice) of The Adventure Zone Story and Song - Finale, Part 3. This concludes one of the sweetest, most epic DnD campaigns I've ever had the privilege to peep into and plus it's like 2 hours and 42 minutes long so plenty of listening time.

4. Ending of Wolf 359 made me feel lots of things and I'm counting it as 'recent' in context

5. Apple Podcasts

Then March 2020 happens and we fast forward to today and here are my answers

Today's PodReqs

1. 99% Invisible OR Memory Palace - Great sounding hosts and non-fiction narrative podcasts. Highly recommend

2. Deathbed Confessions OR The Content Mines - Deathbed Confessions is a true crime podcast about deathbed confessions from Parcast; they go though the confession and the history behind said confession. The Content Mines is from Garbage Day's Ryan Broderick & friend Luke Bailey about the internet content. Very funny and quite hilarious

3. #158 The Case of the Missing Hit - Reply All; an episode where PJ helps a man who has lyrics and melody stuck in his head from a song the internet seems to have forgotten

4. TikTalk - Twenty Thousand Hertz; an episode where Dallas interviews voiceover artist Bev Standing who recorded 10,000 for the Chinese Institute of Acoustics believing they were going to be used for a translation app. (spoiler: they weren't)

5. Spotify - Gimlet moved 'Welcome to Your Fantasy' off Apple podcasts to Spotify while I was in the middle of it (great show about the Chippendales founder Steve Banerjee FYI) and the transition kinda stuck.

Recently I've been burning back catalogs and running out of new shows so I switched back to my pre-panda habits and have been finishing up Titans of All'Terra a DnD podcast for gamers of all ages (very family friendly) and will likely go back to the other fiction/story podcasts I abandoned when the pandemic started.

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love "recommendation riday"!

love those honest to god testimonials!

love "jamie cameroon"! and the other names! and the words that aren't names!

love that cool genie! (love genie stories and jokes in general! [genie-ral])!

love "you just stereotyped genies"! a twist! a departure from the form! new art!

love answering your questions MY OWN WAY! for example, here are many of the podcasts that are in my apple podcast app library (ALREADY ANSWERED ONE OF YOUR QUESTIONS MY OWN WAY):

the savage lovecast (dan savage)

everyday decisions (jo firestone)

the rainbow brainskull hour (ramin nazer)

the jackie and laurie show (kashian and kilmartin)

conversations with people who hate me (dylan marron)

anxiety lab (sagar bhatt)

bad with money (gaby dunn)

how to be a better human (chris duffy)

the astral hustle (cory allen)

how to citizen (baratunde thurston)

well this isn't normal (sara benincasa)

beautiful/anonymous (chris gethard AND anonymous, so i guess chris is the beautiful, it works!)

wrong voicemail boston edition (maria ciampa)

10,000 crappy songs (dan bern, one of my favorite musicians)

conan o'brien needs a friend (some guy)

make my day (josh gondelman)

big mood little mood (danny lavery)

PS just got to the part where YOU RECOMMEND MY PODCAST THANK YOU FOR DOING THAT! my response to your invoice has been sent in an equivalent manner to your invoice so you should be receiving it similarly!

love love!

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I mean, you know what to expect from me by now.

It's All Been Done- a Barenaked Ladies podcast

Barenaked ABC's

Clothed Men Discuss Barenaked Ladies

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I'm a new Overcast user, and it's completely fine. Apple Podcast app is such trash, wow. And Castro, which i used to use, is sort of unsupported. ✨

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