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might need to send this post to my mom. also, what ARE you going to do with the t-shirts?

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dear lauren and alex,

thank you for sharing this! i'm going to jump right into the answers to your questions:

1) have you ever pulled off a successful yard sale?

no, but one time when i was moving, i invited a lot of friends over to my house for a party where they bring food and take away books that i wanted to get rid of because my new place would be smaller. THAT was a success!

2) are you part of any buy nothing groups?

yes, but i've never bought anything from it.

3) have you left your career or switched careers? how’d that go lol?

haha thanks for asking! i switched from not being a comedian to a comedian. it's going well SO FAR! before that, i worked at a lot of jobs, but i guess none of them was a career. so i switched from zero career to yes career.

4) any advice for me re: how to handle when your partner is more talented than you at everything?

conceive of yourself as a team so that you both win!

5) how are you who are you and most import: WHEN are you?

how: happy to answer

who: your firend myq

WHEN: now at least and maybe only

thank you for asking and sharing!



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I am so inspired right now! This issue came in the nick of time. Thank you both! I have a garage full of stuff and was going to try selling it online. Now I am just going to take it directly to the goodwill store. Then I'm going to empty my attic into the garage and take THAT stuff to the goodwill store. XOXOXOXO

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An unsold box of t-shirts is part and parcel to the American dream.

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I had to read this post in two goes because I was laughing too much to see!

I've never had a yard sale - over here we call them 'garage sales', even if there's no garage involved. Our neighbours used to put stuff outside their house with a notice that read: 'FREE'! There were never any takers until they started asking for money.

Free ironing board? Not a hint of any interest.

Ironing board: £2? Gone in a FLASH.

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wow lauren you are truly a customer service saint

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mice aura is so scary fr fr

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I cannot deal with yard sales. Having them, that is. I absolutely love going to them. But storing all the stuff until you have enough for a sale, then hauling it all out and sitting next to it all day.... all to make a few dollars.... nope. I will post stuff on my personal FB page to see if anyone I know wants it, and then I redistribute it into the world. Sometimes I donate it to a local church, kids clothes get re-consigned (since the majority of them were bought from consignment anyway), and sometimes I just put stuff by the side of the road and it disappears.

I gave away a 27 foot above ground pool on FB once. LOL

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Wow absolutely line of the year is “maybe if I coulda sold Both Are True subscriptions at the yard sale, I wouldn’t be $130 in the hole right now.”

True, genuine LOL


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