Love Michael’s work. I found the part about dialogue super interesting. It seems he’s blessed with some funny people in his life, as well. There are times when his wife or sister will rattle off a great punchline and then his job is to capture that.

Question for Michael: I’m curious how you organize your writing life. If i understand correctly, writing Situation Normal isn’t your full-time deal. How/where/why/when do you find the time to write your stories?

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🙌🙌 Just wow, both of you. WOW. I mean, B.A.T. and Situation Normal are among my favourite reads already, but BOTH on the same plate? At the same time? WITH a Florida mortgage bagel AND peanut butter? Almost too MUCH wow! 🤩🏆🥳

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Love, love, loved, and went right over and subscribed.

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I love reading the two of your separately, but together: pure comedic genius!

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dear alex,

i love you and i love this.

things i specifically love about this:

-- peanut butter

-- you are your only real competition

-- bring Wilder into your world as much as you can

-- you can say something unexpected, something vulnerable, something a little absurd, and then because humans usually want to get along with other humans, they’ll mirror your response, and then you’re off to the races.

thank you again, both of you!



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Alex, I love that you've become friends with Michael! I love both of your newsletters! How did you hear about this writer's conference in L.A.? I am also an Angeleno! I'm actually going all the way out to NYC this week for a New Yorker staff party and I am TERRIFIED. I am but a wee cartoonist who's never met any of the other cartoonists. Your story of introducing yourself to Michael and even interviewing him is very inspirational to me. I'm going to try to be as brave as you! Fingers crossed.

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I'm a big fan of the CPEU, which is why I'll be dedicating my life to making YouTube videos documenting all the hidden easter eggs in each of your newsletters that hint at bigger crossover events to come – and I'll be leaving toxic, hateful comments for anyone who even lightly disagrees with my assumptions!

(Seriously, though, love you both!)

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RAH! I loved learning more about Mr. Estrin's life and his processes. Esp., Alex, that you asked how he remembers the entirely of the conversation. I asked him this a long time ago and he got all cagey on me so this was extremely satisfying.


-Was the plain bagel with peanut butter TOASTED? They are so much better toasted and if you’re going the PB route you’re already flouting tradition anyhow.

-Did Mr. Estrin accidentally eat any mortgages while visiting Florida and dining at his sister in law's breakfast table that doubles as a desk for her mortgage processing job?

-Yes that photo of Mr. Estrin and his dad is truly incredible.

-“One thing journalism taught me was how to ask open-ended questions and then shut the fuck up.” YES

-Awesome GIFS!!!

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Great interview. Very interesting! We both published pieces about porn on the same day!

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awesome interview alex! michael's newsletter is absolutely hilarious 😬

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