“The game was checkers now the game is parcheesi”

so funny!

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Jul 12, 2022·edited Jul 12, 2022Liked by Alex Dobrenko`

I feel gross after reading this. I was excited about your story but it then turned into a sales pitch. Your question answers itself. You are already what you are complaining about.

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this is Informative AF! (where "AF" stands for "And Funny"!) good work and thank you!

i particularly like "MISSED MY SONS BAR MITZVAH AGAIN"


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Jul 11, 2022Liked by Alex Dobrenko`

I think gremlin productivity in your voice and style of writing would be very entertaining and informational! Also I'm fairly certain you aren't someone who wakes up at 3 AM on purpose to your fears on churning out "I Wake Up At 3AM Like Jeff Bezos - 5 Tips For You To Also Wake Up At 3AM (And Get Rich)" content should be slightly assuaged by that. Also also anyone who wakes up at 3AM is usually in bed by 8PM and while I can respect that, humbly, no thank you.

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