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this is a long essay good job young steve

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does he have a Tony or a Grammy

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water cycle is v crucial to know about i say this as a former water scientist (for real)

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Bravo! This “young writer” pulled me in to the final sentence. Well done Alex

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Bro got more rizz than I do 💀

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i just read this out loud to my girlfriend and we both love it.

AND here are some favorite parts from along the way:

first favorite part:

"Lauren did not know Alex said yes to doing an interview with me so when I came over she was confused"

also fun:

"My parents say I can only see PG13 movies even though I’m only 10 so I am 3 years early"

a delight:

"She was laughing a lot but it didn’t seem like it was supposed to be funny."

very thorough:

"Please include a photo portfolio of any previous works along with your application."


"I wonder if my older sister Lucy will have this happen to her and her friends. "

optimism i love!:

"it received 3.6 stars out of 10 stars. Mathematically that’s about 40%."


"Lauren laughed then and it sounded like how my mom laughs when she is mad with my dad."

rini's (my girlfriend's) first favorite part!:

"I think he has two armpit hairs also but he won’t show us."


"Alex was seeing another woman which is illegal so Alex was probably doing a crime."


"I think this was romantic but I dunno."


"Nate often is texting people photos of fruit that look like butts (ask dad if this is okay to leave in)."


"The phone looks like it would be made for my grandpa."

i already said i liked this in another comment and here it is again:

"Alex just knew the inside of book and he loved it! "

"You could say this was a romance between two books."

maybe i'll stop putting intros to these:

"What happened next? I’m glad you asked."

but not yet!:

"a tour glide"

did alex really think waffle house was a local spot?:

"This means Alex was big time wrong when he said it was a local spot haha."

did a fifth grader really write this? a wise one!:

"I hope one day I will be a special person to someone like Brenda."

i'm going to share this with a sound guy friend of mine!

"That was a guy who was a “sound guy” which probably means he was great at hearing things."

this kid loves his parents!:

"I cant wait for that but I know I will miss my parents and ask to live with them anyways."

this is sweet!:

"Alex said “Lauren is the best thing that ever happened to me” and then Lauren returned and he said it again very loud so she could hear and I could see on Lauren’s face she was not mad at him anymore."

another of rini's fave parts!:

"Alex and Lauren weren’t farting though because they were falling in love."


"...when the sun was up they saw each other’s faces and decided to kiss a few times or a bunch"

i bet it WAS a good impression:

"Lauren didn’t laugh and I dont know what movie it is but I think it was a good impression."

me too!:

"When I stay up all night at a sleepover the next day I’m a sack of potatoes."

good advice!:

“follow your heart when you really like someone it is okay to tell someone else you don’t like them anymore.”



"Lauren was not sure what this was going to be yet maybe just a one night kissy event but Alex had already changed his life big time."


"It began with seeing a movie called Tree of Life which is actually a film because no one knows what is happening in it."

every skill AND area!:

"The days and nights went back and forth like a ping pong ball in Nate’s basement where I always beat him in ping pong so it really makes no sense that Brenda would like him because I am better in every skill and area."


"Then finally and on the other hand..."

a fine way to put it!:

"after all these years they are still dating and actually are now married"


"But before now, right after then..."


"And this was back before the Iphone 12"

makes sense!:

"Alex made me promise I would include the link in my essay."


"This is a white lie I am of course sad but my friendship is more imporatn than a girl I like."


"I’m thinking of making my own movies soon and maybe I will meet a makeup artist too."

fun start and meaningful finish!:

"Subsequently and on the other hand I want to take time to focus on myself."


"Maybe the title of ALex and Lauren love story is just Homecoming because their love story is about coming home."

love and thanks friend!

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HMU folks are my favorite people on set and you married well Alex. I loved Distance and remember seeing it and you at a Q and A at the Convention Center. 💚

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there are so many gems here.


"Alex just knew the inside of book and he loved it!

You could say this was a romance between two books.

Maybe instead of Bloody homecoming the title of their movie would be Booky Homecoming."

and many more that i will highlight when i read it again later, maybe outside to my girlfriend whose book insides (and outsides) i also love!

thank you for sharing this!

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